This asset pack is a lightweight and flexible collection of low-poly assets, perfect for prototyping or adding to a low-poly world. With a huge number of skyscrapers, factories, buildings, and houses, you can build a truly massive metropolis with all its infrastructure, including ports, airports, cities, towns, junctions, subways, trains, and monorails. The pack also includes a wide range of landscapes and environments.


This pack is ideal for creating environments for first- and third-person games, strategy games, and city-building games. The entire pack is designed in a polygon style and can be combined with other polygon-style packs. With over 800 templates to create games and a large number of items to build a multi-level city, the possibilities are endless.

Models Info:

  • Airport (x31)
  • Buildings (x43)
  • City Props (x254)
  • Farm (x36)
  • Fence (x29)
  • Landscape (x89)
  • Sea (x24)
  • Sea Port (x20)
  • Racing Track (x22)
  • Railway Depot (x57)
  • Roads (x82)
  • Tech (x29)
  • Text (x62)
  • Vehicles (x35)

Asset Info:

  • Models variation: 800
  • Max poly count: 15000
  • Min poly count: 20
  • Textures count: 1
  • Textures size: 1024×1024 px


This pack supports both the Universal Render Pipeline (URP) and the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP).