Jurassic Pack Vol. I – Unity Asset

Jurassic Pack Vol. I: A Comprehensive Overview


Experience the thrill of the Jurassic era in your game or simulation with the Jurassic Pack: Volume I. This dynamic package brings 13 game-ready, playable creatures to life, complete with controllers, scripts, and pre-fabricated assets.

Visual Realism

The Jurassic Pack offers stunning visual realism with three levels of detail (LOD), including a mobile-friendly version under 1500 polygons. Each creature comes with 3 skin textures per model (2048×2048) and 16 eye textures (128×128), bringing these ancient beasts to life with lifelike precision.

Intelligent Autonomy

The Jurassic Pack goes beyond static animations, offering artificial intelligence that brings your creatures to life. They exhibit herd behavior, engage in pack hunts, and autonomously seek food, water, all while skillfully avoiding obstacles. Take complete control of your prehistoric world using the Path Editor and Target Editor, allowing you to craft intricate narratives and scenarios.

Realistic Creature Behavior

Witness creatures with an innate “Target Looking” system and the ability to survey their surroundings, making your world feel alive. Achieve perfect foot placement on varied terrains, enhancing realism through an Inverse Kinematic (IK) system.

Comprehensive Management and Survival Features

The included “Creatures Manager” simplifies the addition, removal, and management of creatures within your game. Ready-to-use survival systems for damage, health, hunger, thirst, and fatigue bars make it easier than ever to create engaging gameplay experiences.

Important Notes

The pack primarily features static or in-place animations, ensuring ease of use and versatility. Please note that the demo scenes are optimized for the “Built-In Render” and may not be compatible with “URP/HDRP.” Sound effects files are not included, providing flexibility for developers to tailor audio to their specific needs.

With the Jurassic Pack: Volume I, you have the tools to transport your audience to a world where ancient creatures roam freely, creating unforgettable gaming and simulation experiences that capture the imagination.

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