Simple Mobile Ads – Unity Asset

Advertising Network Packaging


This package simplifies the process of integrating various advertising networks. It handles plugin installation, installation keys, and target IDs, allowing ads to be displayed with a single connection. The wrapper eliminates the need for extensive SDK documentation, plugin initialization, ad loading and reloading, event registration, and other tedious tasks. It provides unified high-level functionality, such as ad display, and supports cascades based on remote configuration, allowing runtime configuration of display order based on eCPM data.


Supported Ads

The package supports UnityAds, AdMob, IronSouce, Vungle, YandexAds.

Basic Formats

It supports full screen, premium, and banner formats.


AdManager is a unified package for all networks.


Support for new networks can be added by adding new adapters.

Remote Cascades

Remote cascades are supported using the remote setting (separately for each ad type).

Setup Steps

  1. Select Advertising Networks: Choose from UnityAds, AdMob, IronSource, Vungle, and YandexAds (at least one). If you’re new to advertising, start with AdMob.
  2. Register with Advertising Providers: Visit the websites of the advertising providers, register, add your application, and create advertising placements. Obtain the application key and target credentials.
  3. Download and Import Packages: Download and import the official announcement packages for Unity (for selected networks).
  4. Add AdManager: Add AdManager to your scene and enable ad networks.
  5. Configure Adapters: The adapter components are added next to AdManager. Configure the application key and deployment IDs for each adapter.
  6. Display Ads: Display ads with ShowInterstitial, ShowRewarded, and ShowBanner.
  7. Enable Custom Proguard File: Preserve Java libraries when Shrink is enabled (proguard-user.txt file attached, just in case).
  8. Check Device Logs: Check your device logs with adb logcat to ensure everything is functioning correctly.

Note! You have to pay for this item, but you can get it for free now. Remember, this is only for learning or trying out the product before you buy it, not for use in your business.