Vendor for HORROR FPS KIT – Free Download

Elevate Your Gameplay: Vendor System for Horror FPS Kit


Take your gameplay to the next level with the Vendor System for Horror FPS Kit. This comprehensive package enables you to seamlessly integrate vendors, supply lockers, and general vendors into your game, allowing players to effortlessly purchase inventory items.

Note: To unlock the full potential of the Vendor System, ownership of the Horror FPS Kit is essential.


  1. Action Bar:
  • Streamlined interface for easy access to vendor-related actions.
  1. Character Action:
  • Enhance player interactions with the environment through character-specific actions.
  1. Currency System:
  • Integrate a currency system for smooth transactions within your game.
  1. Simple Fade:
  • Add visual polish with a simple fade effect.
  1. Vendors & Vendor UI:
  • Implement fully functional vendors and a user-friendly vendor UI.
  1. Demo Vendor Examples:
  • Explore and learn with five demo vendor examples.
  1. Main Scripts:
  • Essential scripts to power your vendor system.
  1. Helper Extensions:
  • Useful extensions, including Floating Icon Helper, Scenes Updater, Script Editor, and Version Detect.
  1. Utility Scripts:
  • Additional scripts to enhance functionality.
  1. Demo Scenes:
    • Four demo scenes for hands-on exploration.
  2. Demo Sounds, Graphics, etc.:
    • Pre-packaged assets to enrich your demo experience.
  3. Documentation:
    • Clear and comprehensive documentation for easy implementation.


  • Dizzy Media Assets:
  • Various assets, including audio diaries, text diaries, components, durability, extensions, mobile controls, shooting range, and puzzler, designed specifically for Horror FPS Kit.
  • 3rd Party Integration:
  • Seamlessly integrates with the HFPS Localization System.


  • [DEMO BUILD](demo link)
  • [DOCUMENTATION](documentation link)
  • [DISCORD](Discord link)

Elevate your gaming experience with the Vendor System for Horror FPS Kit and transform your in-game economy effortlessly. Explore the possibilities, customize your vendors, and immerse players in a dynamic and engaging environment.