Ultimate Crafting System – Free Download

Ultimate Crafting System: Craft Your Gaming World with Power and Precision


Embark on a journey of game development with the Ultimate Crafting System, your all-in-one solution for crafting games. This comprehensive system covers everything, from smooth item and recipe creation to a robust placement and energy transfer system, making it suitable for both 3D and 2D games. Whether you’re creating simple standalone games or seeking extensibility for more complex projects, the Ultimate Crafting System has the power you need.

Key Features

  1. Demo Scenes:
  • Point-and-Click Third-person Demo Scene and First-person Demo Scene to showcase system capabilities.
  1. Inventory System:
  • Manage and organize items efficiently with a well-designed inventory system.
  1. Item Creation:
  • Create items seamlessly using an easy-to-use interface, streamlining the crafting process.
  1. Category Creation:
  • Add data to items with category creation, allowing for enhanced item organization.
  1. Crafting Support:
  • Craft items using both traditional and table-based recipes, providing flexibility in crafting methods.
  1. Gathering System:
  • Implement item toss and pickup mechanics for realistic gathering experiences.
  1. Object Placement and Connection:
  • Robust system for placing and connecting objects, enabling intricate crafting structures.
  1. Item Instance Support:
  • Choose between item instances or unique item support, adapting to your game’s requirements.
  1. Energy/Item Transfer:
  • Transfer energy or items seamlessly with a sophisticated energy/item transfer system.
  1. Command System:
    • Implement commands for better control and interaction within the crafting system.

Demo Scenes

  1. Spaceship: Third Person:
  • Play this demo scene as a game, exploring the crafting system in a third-person perspective.
  1. Spaceship: First Person:
  • Immerse yourself in this first-person demo scene, experiencing the crafting system in a different context.


  • All static models in the pack, ready to be utilized in your crafting game environments.

Craft Your Gaming World

The Ultimate Crafting System empowers game developers with its extensive features and flexibility. Whether you are creating a simple crafting game or diving into complex projects, this system provides the tools needed for a seamless crafting experience. Download the Ultimate Crafting System and craft your gaming world with power and precision.

Note: Explore the demo scenes and models to unleash the potential of this crafting system.