Toon Fantasy Nature – Free Download

Toon Fantasy Nature Free Unity Asset

Explore the whimsical world of stylized environments with the Toon Fantasy Nature Free Unity asset, brought to you by SICS Games.

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Key Features:

Extensive Asset Library:

  • Enjoy a diverse collection of over 200 prefabs, ranging from small plants and pebbles to majestic oak and pine trees.

Demo Scenes:

  • Dive into 8 meticulously crafted demo scenes, showcasing the versatility of the asset pack. Each scene incorporates all assets from the package and offers multiple lighting presets, with post-processing profiles included.

Asset List:

Vegetation Assets:

  • Trees: 36 varieties including Aspen, Pine, Birch, and Oak trees.
  • Fallen & Broken Trees: 18 unique assets to add realism to your environment.
  • Bushes, Ferns & Flowers: 38 options to add vibrant foliage to your scenes.
  • Water-friendly Plants: 20 selections including Lilies, Lotus Flowers, and more.
  • Mushrooms: 18 charming varieties to add whimsy to your landscapes.


  • Choose from a selection of 20 rocks, ranging from small pebbles to imposing boulders.

Exterior Props:

  • Enhance your scenes with 25 exterior props, including a Wooden Pavilion & Swing Set, Camp Fire (complete with Fire Particle System), Fence & Bridge Kit, and more.


Elevate your game environments with the enchanting Toon Fantasy Nature Free Unity asset. With its extensive library of assets and versatile demo scenes, this pack provides everything you need to create captivating worlds for your players to explore.

Download now and embark on a journey through a whimsical world of stylized beauty!