MFPS 2.0: Multiplayer FPS v1.9.3 + 27 Addons Free Download

MFPS 2.0: Powering Your Multiplayer FPS Development


Welcome to MFPS 2.0, an advanced multiplayer first-person shooter game kit designed to accelerate the development of your online multiplayer First Person Shooter (FPS) game. This comprehensive template not only covers the basics but also boasts a plethora of advanced systems and features crucial for any multiplayer shooter. Leveraging the latest Unity game engine technologies, MFPS 2.0 delivers high efficiency and performance, complete with a professional UI using full UGUI and player Mecanim animations.

Key Features

  1. Versatile Game Modes:
  • Core kit includes Free for All, Team Death Match, and Capture the Flag game modes.
  1. Player Classes:
  • Choose from four player classes, easily customizable to suit your game’s theme and dynamics.
  1. Diverse Weaponry:
  • Arm your players with seven weapon types – Rifle, Sniper, Shotgun, Pistol, Grenade, Launcher, and Knife.
  1. Photon PUN 2 Integration:
  • Utilizes Photon PUN 2 as the network framework solution, ensuring seamless online multiplayer functionality.
  1. AAA Graphics-Ready:
  • Comes equipped with AAA graphics-ready assets, offering a visually stunning foundation for your game.
  1. Easy Customization and Reskinning:
  • User-friendly for developers of all levels, allowing easy customization and reskinning. Perfect for beginners!
  1. Extensive Add-Ons:
  • Enhance your game further with a range of add-ons including AntiCheat, Clan System, Class Customization, Cover Point, Customizer, and more.

Available Add-Ons

  • AntiCheat
  • Clan System
  • Class Customization
  • Cover Point
  • Customizer
  • Demolition
  • Eliminations
  • Emblems and Calling Cards
  • FPlegs
  • Game News
  • Game Resume Pro
  • Gunrace
  • Kill Streak Notify
  • Level System
  • Matchmaking Pro
  • MiniMap
  • Mobile Control
  • Paypal for Shop
  • Player Pack 1
  • Player Pack 2
  • Player Selector
  • Scope Pro
  • Shop
  • Uloginpro
  • Weapon Pack 1
  • Weapon Pack 2

Comprehensive Development Assets

MFPS 2.0 stands as one of the world’s premier online multiplayer development assets. With built-in editor tutorials, extensive documentation, and complete source C# code, it is a powerful toolkit ready to shape your multiplayer FPS game into an exceptional gaming experience. Start building your online multiplayer FPS today with MFPS 2.0!