Implement An RPG-Style Inventory System. All Code Base Provided As A Flexible Asset Pack. Improve your C#

Course Overview: RPG-Style Inventory System Implementation

What You’ll Learn

  1. UI Layout: Designing an intuitive inventory UI with panels, buttons, slots, and icons.
  2. UI Components: Utilizing Scroll View Asset and Grid Layout Group for efficient UI structuring.
  3. Drag-and-Drop: Implementing a drag-and-drop system for moving and dropping inventory items.
  4. Pickup System: Using scriptable objects to provide data for specific inventory items.
  5. Equipping System: Modifying the equipping system for weapons and armor from the inventory.
  6. Interface Integration: Connecting on-screen inventory visuals with backend system data.
  7. Tooltip System: Implementing and customizing a tooltip system for item information.
  8. Stackable Items: Making items stackable to optimize inventory space.
  9. Code Refactoring: Learning to refactor code for seamless integration of new features.
  10. UI Mockup: Building a user interface mockup in Unity.


  • Basic C# skills (loops, conditionals, components, etc.)
  • Some familiarity with Unity’s APIs is helpful.
  • Proficiency in navigating Unity’s editor.
  • Recommended completion of the first half of the Complete Unity Developer 2D or 3D course or equivalent.

Course Description

This intermediate Unity course focuses on implementing an RPG-style inventory system. Unlike traditional step-by-step coding, we provide a flexible asset pack with existing code, explaining it thoroughly to expedite learning. Suitable for those already familiar with Unity and C#, this course covers various advanced programming principles.

Covered Systems

  1. Click-to-Pickup and Runover-to-Pickup Systems
  2. Dropping System
  3. Tooltip Overlay System
  4. Stackable Item System
  5. Equipping System
  6. Saving and Loading System

Target Audience

Intermediate Unity users seeking to create their own inventory system. Completion of the Complete Unity Developer course is recommended as a prerequisite.