Horse Animset Pro (Riding System) v 4.4.3 Latest Free Download

Explore Boundless Riding Possibilities with Horse AnimSet Pro (HAP)

Riding System Overview

Experience the ultimate riding adventure in Unity with the Riding System powered by the Animal Controller. Introducing Horse AnimSet Pro (HAP), a versatile animation framework controller designed for both creatures and humanoids. Whether you’re navigating the medieval lands or exploring the harsh Wild West, HAP offers a dynamic Riding System with over 100 AAA-quality animations.

Key Features

  1. Scriptable Architecture:
  • Utilizes a scriptable architecture, allowing modular feature customization to seamlessly integrate with your projects.
  1. Universal Compatibility:
  • Works effortlessly with any creature or humanoid character, offering both Root-Motion and In-Place animation options.
  1. Extensive Animation Library:
  • Boasts more than 100 AAA-quality animations, providing a rich variety of riding movements for a lifelike experience.
  1. Versatility in Creature Choices:
  • Beyond horses, HAP enables you to ride any creature, from tiny rabbits to massive dragons, expanding your gaming possibilities.
  1. Combat Abilities:
  • Unleash multiple combat abilities seamlessly, whether riding, on the ground, or enjoying a smooth ride on any creature.
  1. No Coding Required:
  • With over a hundred tools, achieve diverse situations without writing a single line of code, ensuring a hassle-free implementation.

Ready for Adventure

  • Medieval to Wild West:
  • Seamlessly integrate HAP into various environments, from medieval realms to the rugged landscapes of the Wild West.
  • Combat Ready:
  • Engage in dynamic combat scenarios while riding or on foot, adding depth and excitement to your gameplay.
  • Smooth Riding Experience:
  • Enjoy a smooth ride on creatures of your choice, immersing players in a captivating and lifelike gaming experience.

Cutting-Edge Riding Solution

Horse AnimSet Pro (HAP) stands as the go-to Riding System for Unity, offering unparalleled flexibility, a vast animation library, and a scriptable architecture for seamless integration. Elevate your gaming experience, explore uncharted territories, and bring your characters to life with the power of HAP.

Note: No matter the creature, HAP transforms the ordinary into extraordinary.