Dreamscape Nature : Tower URP – Stylized Open World Environment

Dreamscape: Next-Gen Stylized Environment Collection


Discover the ultimate collection of AAA quality assets designed to expedite the creation of next-gen stylized environments. Dreamscape, the latest addition to the Dreamscape series, offers a comprehensive array of assets meticulously crafted for customization and optimized performance. With support for Unity’s Universal Render Pipeline (URP) and upcoming compatibility with the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP), Dreamscape empowers developers to build stunning environments with ease.

Key Features

  • URP Compatibility: Fully compatible with Unity’s Universal Render Pipeline, ensuring seamless integration and rendering.
  • HDRP Support (Coming Soon): HDRP compatibility on the horizon, providing enhanced visual fidelity for high-end platforms.
  • Asset Variety: Over 150 high-quality stylized meshes, including foliage, structures, and props, offering diverse options for environment creation.
  • Advanced Rendering: Incorporates a cutting-edge foliage rendering system capable of handling over 100,000 instances simultaneously.
  • Parallax Occlusion Mapping: Support for Parallax Occlusion Mapping enhances texture detail and depth perception, enriching visual quality.
  • Modular Tower with Interiors: Utilize the modular Tower asset, complete with customizable interiors, to add depth and immersion to your environments.
  • Customizable Water Shader: Includes a fully customizable water shader, allowing developers to tailor water effects to suit their aesthetic preferences.
  • Open-World Demo Map: Explore a massive open-world demo map showcasing the capabilities of Dreamscape, optimized for performance across all platforms.

Additional Resources

  • Trailer: Watch the trailer to experience a glimpse of the stunning environments created with Dreamscape.
  • GIFs: View animated GIFs highlighting various features and assets included in Dreamscape.
  • Manual: Access the comprehensive manual for detailed information on asset usage and customization options.

Community and Support

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Special Offer

Owners of the URP version of Dreamscape can claim both the Built-in and HDRP versions for free, ensuring compatibility across different render pipelines and maximizing asset value.

Elevate your game development experience with Dreamscape, the ultimate collection of assets for building next-gen stylized environments in minutes. Unlock your creative potential and bring your dream worlds to life with ease and efficiency.