Build an Advanced 2D Platformer game in Unity Course Site

Course Overview: Advanced Unity 2D Platformer Game Development

What You’ll Learn

  • 2D Character Controller: Develop a sophisticated 2D Character Controller in Unity.
  • Advanced Platformer Features: Build a feature-rich 2D platform game with the following capabilities:
  • Double Jump
  • Wall Run
  • Wall Jump
  • Crouch and Creep
  • Power Jump
  • Glide
  • Stomp


  • Prior experience with Unity and/or programming knowledge is desirable.
  • Access to Unity software to follow along with the tutorials.

Course Description

Take your Unity skills to the next level by building an advanced 2D platform game. Ever wondered how games like Hollow Knight, Ori and the Blind Forest, or Super Meat Boy are created? This course guides you in creating a sophisticated Player Controller in Unity 3D, specifically designed for a feature-rich 2D or 2.5D platformer style game.

Key Features Covered

  1. Double Jump: Implement the ability for the player to jump twice in mid-air.
  2. Wall Run: Create a mechanic allowing the player to run along walls.
  3. Wall Jump: Enable the player to jump off walls.
  4. Crouch and Creep: Integrate crouching and creeping movements for the player character.
  5. Power Jump: Implement a powerful jump capability.
  6. Glide: Add gliding functionality for controlled descents.
  7. Stomp: Develop a stomp mechanic for impacting the game environment.

Future Course Development

The course will be continuously expanded, with upcoming content covering:

  • Enemy AI
  • Game Logic
  • Environmental Effectors
  • 2.5D Graphics
  • Shooting and Melee Mechanics
  • Mobile Device Development

Participants’ requests for additional features will also be considered and incorporated into the project.

Target Audience

This course is designed for individuals with prior experience in Unity and/or programming principles, aiming to enhance their skills beyond the basics.

Course Instructor

Gary, the instructor, welcomes you to an engaging learning experience, promising an exploration of advanced Unity techniques in 2D platform game development. Enjoy the journey of creating a feature-rich gaming experience.

Note: Course content will be continually updated and enhanced.